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I'm using John Simpson's combined patch and many other excellent scripts, tools and patches he has created. In this wiki you'll find information about some specific things I've stumbled into.


I'm checking recipients against validrcptto.cdb. This is created with mkvalidrcptto script. mkvalidrcptto uses valias -s to list aliases. valias -s doesn't work correctly for aliased domains. I've written valias-5.4.26.realdomain.patch to fix this.

vdominfo -r was not implemented. vdominfo-5.4.26.realdomain.patch fixes that.


Extracted attachments are not group readable starting from version of ripmime. When used with simscan (with John Simpson's patches and recommendations) and clamav, group read permissions are needed. I've written ripmime- to fix this.


I've made a password change plugin that works with vpopmaild. It needs some cleanup still, so I'll publish it at a later time.


I started from John Simpson's grey3 script, redesigned the database, and added some things to the script itself. This is still a work in progress and I'm not ready to publish it yet.


After updating one of my servers to php 5.3, VegaDNS stopped working. First I replaced ereg functions with preg functions. Still could not log in, so digged some more and found out that session.use_only_cookies needed to be 0 (default was changed). vegadns-0.9.10-php5.3.patch vegadns-0.10.0-php5.3.patch.

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